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Old 01-30-2002
automate input

I'm not sure that i really understand what you're talking about.
i tried

program &lt< eof &gt> $result 2>&1 << blahblah

but i'm getting that the string is not the correct phrase.
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Old 01-30-2002
I'm assuming that...

program << eof >> $result 2>&1 inside a shell script.
In this script, you would simply enter the
actual responses thar "program" reads...

program << eof >> $result 2>&1

The "<< eof" creates a "here document" which
basically says, redirect the standard input
to "program" to everything between the "eof"'s
The ">> $result says append the standard
output of "program" to whatever file $result
points to.
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Old 01-31-2002
Question automate input

Hello, thanks for your time, but still no solution

when i try

program << eof >> $result 2>&1

the program just sits waiting. When i type the answer1-string myself, everything goes well.

I installed expect (and tcl --> both latest versions)
and tried the following script :

send_user "start expect\r"
expect "pass phrase:"
send "answer1\r"
send_user "stop expect\r"

This doesn't work either --> the program gets started, but finishes after displaying the question to enter the pass phrase.
The start en stop expect doesn't appear on screen also.

Has the fact that when in normal mode (outside a script) the pass phrase is entered it doesn't appear on the screen (password-like) ?

Thanks in advance

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Old 01-31-2002
Expect is very literal in what it expects...
A single space can ruin an entire script.

You might get lucky using wildcards, like so:

expect "*pass phrase:*"

Just be careful not to use too many, in case you match another line somewhere...

Also, make sure you are getting the case correct;
"Pass" does not equal "pass"
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Old 01-31-2002
May I ask what "program" actually is?
It seems from your post that it is some
sort of program that requires a user
authentication (or password). Many programs
like this woun't let you redirect the
standard input by default but many also
provide other options to allow this sort
of redirection. In general, this is done
for security reasons (like the passwd program
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