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Old 02-21-2001

How do I define and call a subroutine in a ksh script (or any shell)? I'm writing a script that uses a lot of the same code over and over and I don't want to waste time/space.
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Old 02-22-2001
in bash shell it is something like this....

function function-name {
shell commands...

or just

function-name () {
shell commands...


test ()
echo Hey I am here.
echo Now exiting function.

# Note: function must precede call.

# Now, call the function.


exit 0
here is another one which process passing arguments...


func2() {
if [ -z $1 ]
# Checks if any params.
echo "No parameters passed to function."
return 0
echo "Param #1 is $1."

if [ $2 ]
echo "Parameter #2 is $2."

# Called with no params

func2 first
# Called with one param

func2 first second
# Called with two params

exit 0

another important thing used in functions is return statement, which optionally takes an integer argument, which is returned to the calling script as the "exit status" of the function, and this exit status is assigned to the variable $?

I think korn shell also using same method. I am not sure.

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Old 02-22-2001
Thank you very much Smilie Worked like a charm!
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