find lowercase filenames

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Old 01-23-2002
find lowercase filenames

How do I write the command to find all files with any lower case letters in the filename? I have tried
find . -name *\(a-z\) and a lot of combinations like that, without success.

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Old 01-23-2002
To find all files that have a lowercase letter anywhere in the filename:

ls | egrep [a-z]
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Old 01-23-2002
That'll give you them files with lowercase letters somewhere in the filename for the current directory only.

To scan subdirectories...navigate to the higest point for the search then use

ls -lR | egrep [a-z]

This will recurse through all subdirectories below that point.
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Old 01-24-2002
That will match all filenames, since you're using ls -lR... since it's now a long listing there will always be a lowercase letter in there somewhere (like the permissions...).

Try find /dir -name "*[a-z]*"

I think that should do it...
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Old 01-28-2002
thanks everyone, for the easy way. if you would like a more complicated method, try this:

ls|egrep [a-z]|cut -d : -f2 > list$$;cat list$$|xargs ls -l; rm list$$

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