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Old 01-22-2002
Data struggling with addusr ...

I'm completely new to UNIX, and having got the hang of directory navigation / creation (Just about), I think it is time to create an FTP account, so that I can upload a web site remotely.

Herein lies the problem...

1: I cannot find a breakdown of addusr commands, so I cannot create a user/passwd.

2: I keep coming accross addusr in relation to 'Domains', which I assume (probably incorrectly) are vDirectories (aliases).
Is this the case, and if so, do I need to map the addusr to a specific Domain (Again, I assume yes, for the sake of security).

I am so tied into MS/NT that, I confess, I am a little flooded.
Such a steep learning curve!

Hope someone can help.
(And possibly ellaborate...) Smilie

p.s. OS is Solaris (SunOS 5.6)
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Old 01-22-2002
To add a user you must:
  • Create a home directory for the user. (i.e. /home/new_user_fred)
  • Select a valid login shell for the user.
  • Add the appropriate login shell 'dot file' entries to the user home directory.
  • Add a new entry to the /etc/passwd file using a unique user ID and group ID. (non-shadow)
  • Put home directory and login shell in password file entry (like other examples in the file!).

That is the basic thing you do....... many of us add users by hand and do not use 'adduser' utilities or graphics.

Recommend you make a backup copy of the original password file before editing by hand..... until you become expert (and even then, experts should have backups!!)
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Old 01-22-2002
Thanks. Smilie
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