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Problems with sed and flat file variables

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Old 08-06-2007
Bug Problems with sed and flat file variables

Hello All,

It has been a loooooooooooong time since I had last used sed but decided to use it for a simple task I have .

My goal is to use sed to read variables from a flat file then use those same variables in order to make some subsitutions. However what I am finding is that when the variable is in fact substituted there is an additional block looking characted at the enf of the variable, thus throwing off my script.

My goal is to remove this [] character from the substituted variable however I am having a devil of a time doing so.

Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with such a task?

Here is my code as it stands:

#test out mapping and clearing WS Cache for night migrations

cat /cygdrive/c/temp/misc/array.txt | while read ARRAY

sed -e "s/csslnxyz/$ARRAY/" -e 's/K/\n/' -e 's/xyz1_84617/FCH1_84617/' -e 's/xyzPRD/FCHIPRD/' ws_template.txt >> first_output1.txt


The format if the flat file (array.txt) is as follows:


The issue I can see is that when I do testing and echo the $ARRAY values there is indeed extra return character shown.

For example I would expect (echo $ARRAY;echo "is my variable") to look like:

cssln123 is my variable

However in testing I see:
is my variable

And this is my issue. I need to find a way to remove those extra EOL chars either before performing or after performing the substitution , whicever is easier.


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Old 08-06-2007
$ cat ./inputfile.txt
$ cat ./

while read line; do
   array[${counter}]=$( echo "${line}" | sed 's/^\([^(]*\)(.*$/\1/' )
   (( counter = counter + 1 ))
done < ./inputfile.txt

for element in ${array[@]}; do
   echo "\$array[$counter] is ${element}"
   (( counter = counter + 1 ))

exit 0
$ ./
$array[0] is cssln123
$array[1] is cssln124
$array[2] is cssln125


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