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Old 02-20-2001

When I ps -ef I see about 3 or 4 <DEFUNCT> things - what are these, and what causes them? Are they a concern? How can I fix them?


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Old 02-20-2001
Defunct processes (also called zombie processes) are processes which were not cleaned up by their parent, and the parent process has died. They cannot be killed without a reboot. I don't worry too much about them.

Edit - I missed the title first time. This was my original; response.
Can you paste what you are seeing? If it is;

UID=User ID the process is running as (typically who started the process)
PID=Process ID of this process (every process has a unique ID)
PPID=Parent process which spawned this process
C=??? I think it has something to do with priority
STIME=When the proess was spawned
TTY=Terminal process is attached to
TIME=Cumulative processor time used by this process
CMD=Actual command that is running

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Old 02-21-2001
CPU & Memory Here's the text

crown> ps -ef|grep defunct
applmgr 12894 26249 0.0 - ?? 0:00.00 <defunct>
applmgr 29054 29848 0.0 - ?? 0:00.00 <defunct>
applmgr 29757 25203 0.0 - ?? 0:00.00 <defunct>
oracle 28889 32402 0.0 13:24:35 lat/638 0:00.01 grep defunct
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Old 02-26-2001
For 98_1LE to review

I posted the info - do you have any suggestions?
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Old 02-26-2001
Unless you are noticing performance issues on your machine, I wouldn't worry about these. You can reboot to get rid of them if you want.
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