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Old 01-16-2002
Data Ls For A Directory

I know this is a easy question but I forgot how to do this?
How do I 'ls' for only the directories in a given directory. I don't want to display a recursive find for every subdirectory. I just want the simple 'ls #$%^'

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Old 01-16-2002
list directories

I am soooo glad you asked.

Here are some aliases that I use every day.

# list of my aliases
alias dir='ls -la'

alias lt='ls -lt'

alias lrt='ls -lrt'

alias pp='ps -aef|grep'

alias lsfg='lsf |grep '\/''


Smilie Smilie
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Old 01-17-2002
Try ls -F | grep "\/$", like above - but if you want a long listing you can do something like:
ls -l | grep ^d
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Old 01-17-2002

Sorry my alias was for HPUX. LivinFree's example will work on any major version of UNIX.
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Old 01-17-2002

Thanks to you all!

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