Redirecting output to multiple log files?

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Old 01-15-2002
Redirecting output to multiple log files?

If I wanted to redirect output to multiple log files, what would be the best way to do that?

echo "Unix is awesome" >>unixgod.log >>unixgod.log
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Old 01-15-2002
Hey Darthur,
Your best bet is to set the ouput to a variable and then pump the variable into multiple logs like this:

message=`echo "Unix is awesome" | sed 's/ /DarthurWasHere/g'`
echo $message | sed 's/DarthurWasHere/ /g' >>unixgod1.log echo $message | sed 's/DarthurWasHere/ /g' >>unixgod2.log

If your confused by all the sed statements, if your message contains spaces, $message will essentially become an array with each elements being defined by the spaces of the message. To eliminate this, replace the spaces with some string, like "DarthurWasHere", and then replace that with the space when pumping it to the log.
Have Fun,
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Old 01-15-2002

cat main_filename | tee file_1.log | tee file_2.log | tee file_3.log

..... and the list can go on!

Use the -a switch to append on each file.
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Old 01-15-2002
Thanks for the feedback!

tee & the tips on using sed should do the trick ... Thanks!
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