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Old 09-19-2000

Is there a way to pull out a character at a time from a work in unix, using a shell script?
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Old 09-19-2000

Depending on what exactly you're trying to do, there could be a couple ways to do it. Say you have a variable...
...and you want to pull the 4th through the 6th character out of it. You can echo it to the screen...
echo $VAR | cut -c4-6
...or you can assign it to a variable...
CHARACTER4=`echo $VAR | cut -c4-6`
...if you don't know how many characters long the word is, you can leave the end number off the cut command...
echo $VAR | cut -c4-
...and it will echo the variable, minus the first three characters. Get it? Email me if you need more help, at ::email removed:: .

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