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Old 01-14-2002
Seperating Files

I wonder if there is any method that can effectively cut a file into 2 or more files... with the title on top...

like this Original File :

001 ABC
002 DEF
003 GHI
004 JKL

into 4 file :
File 1:

001 ABC

File 2:

002 DEF

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Old 01-14-2002

#! /bin/ksh


TOTAL_LINES=`expr \`cat $FILE_NAME | wc -l\` - 1`

while [ $i -le $TOTAL_LINES ]
        i=`expr $i + 1`

        TEMP_FILE_NAME="file_`expr $i - 1`"
        TEMP_VALUE=`head -$i list | tail -1`

        echo "$HEADER\n$TEMP_VALUE" > "$TEMP_FILE_NAME"

Is this what you want?
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Old 01-14-2002
Here is an awk solution that will generate your files while reading the original file only once:

awk 'BEGIN {getline hdr}
 print hdr >  "file" i
 print $0  >> "file" i
 close("file" i)

The output files are named file1, file2, file3, etc, but they can be named whatever, including using info from the input line.
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Old 01-16-2002

i'm a self-learning new UNIX user
i'm writing my 3rd UNIX script in my life...
but i found myself fall into syndex errors...
this script is use for seperate file from a ftp server...
i need to cut it small into 1000 lines each
with keeping the first and last line of the original file in each new file
All the Files in xyz12345.txt with cuts into xyz2345a.txt , xyz2345b.txt ...etc
the line number will be rearranged from 001,...999.

#! /bin/ksh
for filename in *
	nline=wc -l $filename
	if [$nline -gt 1000] 
		headLine= `head -1 $filename`
		tailLine= `tail -1 $filename`
		endCode= `abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`
		counter= 1
		countLine= 2
		# For initialization before the first running of the while loop
		newFileName=`echo $filename| cut -c1-3,5-8``echo $endCode | cut -c$counter``echo $filename| cut -c9-12`
		echo $headLine > $newFileName
		while [$countLine -le $nline]
			newFileName=`echo $filename| cut -c1-3,5-8``echo $endCode | cut -c$counter``echo $filename| cut -c9-12`
			typeset -Z3 headVar=0 ## no typeset in SCO?!
			echo ${headVar} 
			headVar=`expr $headVar + 1` 
			echo $headVar`head -$countLine filename | tail -1 | cut -c4- ` >> newFileName
			newFileNoLine= wc -l newFileName
			if [$newFileNoLine -eq 999] 
				echo $tailLine >> newFileName
				counter=`expr $counter +1`
				headVar= 1

hope ano can point out my mistakes and my misunderstanding. BIG THANKS

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Old 01-16-2002
First of all the "split" command could do this for you. But here are a few of your errors...

nline=wc -l $filename
You need backticks or use $(nline=$wc -l $filename)

headLine= `head -1 $filename`
No space bewteen the equal sign and the backtick.

endCode= `abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`
Use forward quotes unless you really have a program called abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz that you want to run. And again lose that space after the equal sign.

if [$nline -gt 1000]
That needs to be "if [ $nline -gt 1000 ]" You must have white space before and after [ and ] so that the shell sees them as a word.

echo $tailLine >> newFileName
newFileName is a variable. If you want the contents of a variable, you must use a dollar sign in front of it.
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Old 01-16-2002
It looks like you should be incrementing $countLine. And your

nline=`wc -l $filename`

(I added the backquotes) will return both the count and the filename. To get just the count, do:

nline=`cat $filename | wc -l`

You are cutting the first 3 characters of the original line. If this is the original sequence, when it exceeds 999 then you will need logic to cut more than just 3 characters.

If it were not for your requirement to insert a newly generated sequence at front of each line, each loop could grab next set of 999 lines at once with

tail +$startpoint $filename | head -999 >> $newFileName

As is, for each 1000 lines processed, you will be opening and reading one input file 1000 times, and opening and appending to an output file 1000 times. And creation of lots of processes, times 1000.

That's very heavy. An awk script could do what you want with ease and efficiency.
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Old 01-16-2002
O...thank you everyone for helping....
i have figure out the problem...
i think i can finish the rest...

btw... any good (new) UNIX tutorial Book that u can introduce to me?

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