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echo or print to screen and file

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Old 01-09-2002
echo or print to screen and file

I did a search for this topic but I couldn't find it and I was sure I have seen something similar before (hard because I am not sure of the criteria for the keywords)

What I was looking for was to be able to echo a message to the screen from a script at the same time logging it to a file.

So far I have been duplicating the line twice, one to the screen, one to the file. Any suggestions?

echo "Warning: file $USR on $tdate"
echo "Warning: file $USR on $tdate" >/logfile.log

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Old 01-09-2002
Look into the tee command. ($ man tee)
That might help you out.
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Old 01-09-2002

thats exactly what I was looking for.

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