End of Error correction

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Old 01-07-2002
End of Error correction

I am being told by serveral different departmens that serveral of the products we use such as Oracle, IONA orbix 3.0, Veritas NetBackup and Tivoli Maestro are about to end support of Error Correction Support. Could some please help me understand what this actually means. Thanks Kristian
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Old 01-07-2002
From Oracle's web page:
Oracle Corporation announces the end of Error Correction Support for Oracle8, Version 8.0.6 on all platforms, effective September 30, 2001.

What this means is that Oracle will still assist contract clients with help on problem BUT the problem must be one they have a fix for, not a new problem found in the now unsupported software.

Older versions of software (and hardware) are given a support life. Once that time is up (which varies from product to product) the company stops investigating new problems. It's a support nightmare for the company trying to support ALL the versions they ever made which is why they put an end of life on the product.
Hope this helped.
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