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Old 02-13-2001

Okay, I'm working within ansi C and Sun Solaris 7. I have a problem with zombies. I'm currently using the kill command to return the status of a process. How do I check for Zombie PIDs or the right function to return its PID from within a C program?
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Old 02-14-2001

FYI (maybe helpful), from the GNU ps manpage:


Processes marked <defunct> are dead processes (so-called "zombies") that remain because their parent has not .... by init(8) if the parent process exits.

D uninterruptible sleep (usually IO)
R runnable (on run queue)
S sleeping
T traced or stopped
Z a defunct ("zombie") process
One simple way you can check for Zombie PIDs within a C program by calling the ps command with a system or exec call. Or you can find the source code for ps and take a look at how they do it and use the C code in the ps source to develop your own routine.
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