How to redirect duplicate lines from a file????

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How to redirect duplicate lines from a file????


I am having a file which contains many duplicate lines. I wanted to redirect these duplicate lines into another file.

Suppose I have a file called file_dup.txt which contains some line as



If you see the above file contents the 3 and 4 numbered lines are duplicated. I want to redirect the lines which are duplicated in to another file say file_nodup.txt. So the file_nodup.txt will contain the line as follows



Is there any command in UNIX which will give me the above work done?
Or any AWK way to solve it.

Thanks in advance…

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awk ' ++arr[$0] > 1 ' file_dup.txt > file_nodup.txt

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I think it can work by this way also:
sort file1 |uniq -d > file2
this will extract the duplicated lines and redirects them to file2

you can also specify the number of duplication of every line at the begining of the line:
sort file1 |uniq -c > file2
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Hey thanks for all of you who suggested very good options to solve my problem.

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