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Old 12-21-2001
Data Help me: Divx with MPlayer


I'm a beginner in linux Smilie

I wanna play divx with MPlayer. I have mdk8.1 and I can't install MPlayer because I have gcc 2.96
I need upgrade my gcc to 2.95.2 or 2.95.4

Anyone can say me how do i do to uninstall gcc-2.96 and install gcc-2.95.2. Can you give me the exactly url to download the gcc-2.95.2


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Old 12-28-2001
Hi mercutio

I have to be honest here and say that I am not a 100% sure that these urls that I give you will solve your problems, since I don't know what version of unix your using.
But here they are.... I hope this helps a little:

My guess is that the later one would help the most.... But I'm not sure.

(These are swedish mirrors and might not be the fastest option for you. But I hope it will help you a little.)
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