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Old 12-18-2001
Question Unix Virtual Machine?

Hey everyone...

I'm currently doing a Bachelor of Information Technology at university, and next semesters work is going to involve quite a lot of unix and c. I am a windows XP user and I was wondering if anyone knew of any way to get unix to run as some sort of 'sub operating system' below windows XP? I'm pretty sure there are 'DOS Virtual Machines' which allow that sort of feature for dos, but does anyone know if I'd be able to do this with unix? I just want to be able to use the unix environment at home for occasional use...

If anyone has any other suggestions of how I could do this I'd love to hear them...

thanks a million

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Old 12-19-2001
I am not aware of any Unix that runs under XP. There are some around that can reside in a FAT of NTFS filesystem, but most have to boot (not run as a "sub-process").

My recomendation would be to grab a second box, a Pentium-class with 32-64 meg of RAM. I have a box at home that runs fairly well - it's a P133 w/ 32 mb Ram... X-Windows will be pretty slow on that box, but it'll get the job done.

I personally wouldn't add a hard drive to an XP box... I don't know how XP handles dual-booting / addition of hardware.

Anyone have any experience with this?
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Old 12-19-2001
unix/linux can run as a sub process

so far in knwo you can linux as sub process under windows but you need some software for that and a soem unpartitioned space so you can install on that (or do you like to run linux on fat32 ;-) ). after installign linux you can install chose between linux as a process or boot windows Smilie. you boot windows then you start vmware and run in vmware linux and you have running linux in a window.
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Old 12-19-2001
David Korn has been working on a way to run unix on top of Microsoft OS's. Take a look at U/WIN.

You can download U/WIN and lots of documentation for it by clicking here.
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