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Old 12-18-2001

Hello and happy holidays!
I'm sorry to disturb your Christmas shopping (:
Here is the problem:
I'm running "top" on one of the HPUX-1020, and I get about 70 lines with the process "vx_inactive_" which keeps, each one. 0.02 of my old and cranky CPU. also I noticed every vx_inactive_ is in "sleeping" mode. (at least one of us get some sleep)
What is the vx_inactive, for god's sake?
Thank you!
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Old 12-18-2001
This may help a bit :
You may need to register. Don't worry, it's free, and more than worth the time!

In my very limited HP-UX experience, you will see that in HP-UX versions up to 11. I also found a way of disabling that via a google search, but don't think that would be all that good an idea...
I'm very possibly wrong, but I don't think it should hurt much, unless you are doing a very intensive I/O process...

The HP workstation I just bought ($25 on eBay! Everything but the monitor w/ HP-UX 10.20!!), has about 20 of those processes running right now, and the box is mostly idle...

What do the more UX-versed folks say about this?
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