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Old 12-17-2001
Data BIND and dig errors

Hi all, I'm running BIND 9.1.3 and the accompanying `dig and nslookup' on a vanilla Redhat 7.2 Linux box.

I've produced all of my Zone data and config files (I used h2n with some manual tweaks to do this, as some >= v8.2 BIND features aren't properly supported as far as I can see).

Im my resolv.conf I have I have the following 2 lines (the hostname is and it's IP address is


When I try to do a lookup, say`dig` I get the error message:

;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

My question is this: is this error message refering to the fact that nslookup cannot find my newly-installed local named, or that it can't being querying *other* nameservers for information about

Any help would be appreciated. I'm here to learn, so hints would be helpful (although answers are always nice :-).

Thanks in advance... Sam.
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Old 12-17-2001
nslookup would query all name servers in resolv.conf, if you have just your name server over there, then it means your server fails to resolve addresses
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Old 12-18-2001
Perhaps I'm missing something fundemental to DNS name resolution here. If I've only got my own local Nameserver in the resolv.conf and that has no information about (or anything else for that matter), why does it not transcend all the way down to the root nameservers (which it knows about through the root hints file - the addresses are valid I can ping them) and get me a valid answer by issuing iterative queries to Nameservers until it finds an authoritative answer?
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Old 12-18-2001
...Yeap, you're right. I guess something is wrong ether with DNS configuration (zone files are not loaded - check permitions for DNS directories) or with network configuration.

Good luck

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Old 12-19-2001
Bug Must be wrong with configuration

Network is ok.There must be wrong with the configuration,Just the zone files and named.conf
Also you can verify if the named service is existing. Smilie
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Old 12-19-2001
Bug Thanks

Thanks. At least I know where to start now. I presumed that h2n would give me some valid files but obviously not Smilie
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Old 12-19-2001
Solved it, now to refine....

I've located the source of the problem: IPCHAINS.

When I stop my firewalling on the Linux box local and remote DNS resolution are both fine.

My ipchains rules are as such (assuming that the IP address of my box is

:input DENY
:forward DENY
:output ACCEPT

-A input -p icmp -j ACCEPT

# dns
-A input -d 53 -p udp -j ACCEPT
-A input -s 53 -p udp -j ACCEPT
-A input -d 53 -p tcp -j ACCEPT
-A input -s 53 -p tcp -j ACCEPT

# ssh
-A input -d 22 -p udp -j ACCEPT
-A input -s 22 -p udp -j ACCEPT
-A input -d 22 -p tcp -j ACCEPT
-A input -s 22 -p tcp -j ACCEPT

which in my mind would allow all ssh trafic (which it does) and all DNS traffic, regardless of whether it travelled over udp (usual) or tcp (rarely). The connection should also be allowed both ways, surely.

Can anyone spot any obvious mistakes? Thanks again.
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