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Old 12-17-2001
Java Cleaning text files

I wish to clean a text file of the following characters

1/2, 1/4, o (degrees)

I cant display these characters. I have tried ALT+189 etc (my terminal emulator is set to ASCII). How do I display the above ? I am using HP UX 10.
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Old 12-19-2001
What is your text editor? vi....emacs....??
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Old 12-20-2001

I am using VI
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Old 12-20-2001
As far as I know, ASCII doesn't support those characters - there's not much way around it...
man ascii for details...

You have need a different terminal / setting...
Check out PuTTY, if you're using Windows. It can do anything an xterm can do, and more... I'm using it right now on a Linux box, and I can see the just fine:
echo -e "\274"

If your host OS doesn't have iso_8859_1 support (or compatible), you may be out of luck...
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Old 12-20-2001

I am using VI
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Old 12-20-2001

At the risk of being shot for saying this..... if all else fails you could export the file to a GUI text editor - or (shock horror) even into a word/notepad and strip them manually.

This is a definite last resort - just incase you have to make this happen and can't find other ways.

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