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Old 12-16-2001
Come on guys give me alittle respect. First of all this file was taped for people to look at. It's not any thing secretive or anything with passwords. To be honest its a file of information on networking security. It shows some of the best network guru's in the world exploiting a supposed to be secured network to show what not to do with your network. Supposedly. so that will eliminate all of the security talk. This file was for people to look at. Just for the record I might now alittle more than I lead on. I also am smart enough to know that you can learn from anyone. Hackers crackers occasional users or open forms like this one. Its always good to have a fresh perspective on a subject that may be difficult or elementary. Really I think something is wrong with the file must be corrupted because i have tried alot of these things still coming in as garbarge.
anyways if I run across it or fix it will let you guys know. You guys thought i was doing something wrong come on guys. Were all good people here. Users Programmers Sys Admin's or whatever you are. But thanks man you guys are smart i will contiune to think of any question that will spark your brain
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Old 12-18-2001
Sounds like someone downloaded "Capture the Capture the Flag", from the last DefCon. The only way (to the best of my knowledge), is to read the file into tcpdump (or another packet-dump application that can read tcpdump files - there are a few out there).

Please see the post I made above.

Also though, you'll have a hard time getting anything useful from a raw tcp-dump if you can't even figure out how to open it...

(Note: the command is "tcpdump". If you don't have it installed, see if you can install it, or get the admin to install it)
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