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Old 12-12-2001
background for unix


I am a newbie learing Unix , I have started with teh book "the Design of the Unix OS" by Bach.After which I plan to read "UNIX Network Programming" by Richard Stevens.
What is the background that one needs to learn unix. I know C. But I am not sure about my Operating Systems Concepts. Shud I read a general book on Operating Sysytems first?Or shud I learn General Networking?

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Old 12-12-2001
Grab Unix Complete by Sybex.
ISBN: 0-7821-2528-X

Apart from providing a great overview and what I've found as invaluable newbie reading, it's always with me as a quick reference.

I highly reccomend it, but it's not the "Be-All-And-End-All" of Unix references as you could imagine.

Hope that helps.
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Old 12-14-2001
with my learning experience, it is better to start learning Unix fundamentals first along with OS concepts correlating with DOS and Windows.
Since, this give you a better understanding of Unix OS.
Networking comes the next.

hope this give you some idea.
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Old 12-15-2001

Smilie That is what I am trying to do now, I am going thu 'The design of the Unix OS' by Bach and side by side I am also reading "operating systems" by Tannenbaum which I thing gives you the OS concepts.
I am planning to learn TCP/IP and the other protocols after I get strong in the Unix concepts.

Hope I am following the right path

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Old 12-16-2001
Some literature

Itīd be useful for ya to read some of Douglas E. Comer TCP-IP stuff... He presents a very well organized collection of network books, with RFCs references, and so on... About OSes, I recommend you to read Unix Systems Administration Handbook - Prentice Hall. It explains everything about the basic concepts of Unix, linking the reader to some references outside the book. Finally, learn C! ;-)
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