removing line and duplicate line

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Old 01-29-2007
removing line and duplicate line


I have 3 lines in a text file that is similar to this (as a result of a diff between 2 files):

< DATA[0].EVENT[0].EVENT_ID.s = "3661208"
< DATA[0].EVENT[0].EVENT_ID.s = "3661208"

I am trying to get it down to just this:

DATA[0].EVENT[0].EVENT_ID.s = "3661208"

How can I do this? Please note the number "35,36d34" and "3661208" is always different because I get this file from a background process that always changes.

thanks guys
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Old 01-29-2007
Do you care which, if any process number is preserved?
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Old 01-29-2007
I will always need the line AND the number in the quotes, i.e.

DATA[0].EVENT[0].EVENT_ID.s = "3661208"

the number here is always different. But i need it along with the rest of the line
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Old 01-29-2007
Could it be as simple as
sort -u
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Old 01-30-2007
i tried sort -u but it only removed one of the lines. I ended up with this:

< DATA[0].EVENT[0].EVENT_ID.s = "3661208"

but i am trying to just get this:

DATA[0].EVENT[0].EVENT_ID.s = "3661208"

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Old 01-30-2007
diff file1 file2 | sort -u | sed -n "/^[<>]/s/^[<>] *//p"

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Old 01-30-2007
thanks anbu23 you saved my life! Smilie
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