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Old 07-08-2011
Delete duplicate second line


I need a help

I need to retain only the first line of 035 if I have two line before =040 , if only one then need to take that


=035      (ABC)12324141241
=035      (XYZPQR)704124
=040       AB$QS$WEWR
=035      (ABC)08080880809
=035      (XYZPQR)9809314
=040       OUSOI$NLLNL$
=035       (ABC)0498318414
=040       OUSOI$NLLNL$


=035      (ABC)12324141241
=035      (ABC)08080880809
=035       (ABC)0498318414

Please help
Thanks a lot for ur time


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Old 07-08-2011
Try this:
awk '/=035/ && !s{s=$0} /=040/{print s; s=""}' file

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Old 07-08-2011
perfect, thanks a ton

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oh no, i think if it is single 035 then its ignoring. Please help me to check
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Old 07-08-2011
It works with the given samples of your first post. Can you post an example where it goes wrong?
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Old 07-13-2011
Bug I would like to share my simple idea for this request.

Please try the below.

Asssume your input file name is test.

Step1: Replace the newline character with _
perl -p -i.bak1 -e 's/\n/_/g' test

Step2: Finding the required pattern and ignore printing the second 035 record
perl -p -i.bak2 -e 's/(=[0-9]{3} +\([a-zA-Z]+\)[0-9]+_)(=[0-9]{3} +\([a-zA-Z]+\)[0-9]+_)(=040[^_]+)/$1$3/g' test

Step3: Replacing the _ with newline character
perl -p -i.bak3 -e 's/_/\n/g' test

Step4: Removing the 040 records from the file
perl -i.bak4 -ne 'print unless /^=040/' test

I could not improve this four commands into a single command, if anyone knows how to write this in a single command please post the same.


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