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Old 12-05-2001
Openwin Error

1.I was trying to use Exceed to run Solaris "openwin" on my Windows 95. I got an error :

/usr/openwin/bin/openwin &
[1] 28522
/dev/fb: No such file or directory
Graphics Adapter device /dev/fb is of unknown type

Fatal server error:
InitOutput: Error loading module for /dev/fb

Does this mean I have a bad Graphic card or anything else? If I need to replace this card, what's the correct type? My Solaris box is Ultra Enterprise 450.

2. I tried to run it using another solaris box, this one gave me an error:

/usr/openwin/bin/openwin &
$ openwin: There is already a server running on :0

What do I need to do with this?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
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Old 12-05-2001
If you have a process called dtlogin running, just set up your Exceed to do an XDMCP session to your E450.
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