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Old 12-02-2001
Thanks, I got it under control so I'm gonna have Linux up and running in no time (I hope). Thanks.
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CTRLALTDEL(8)						       System Administration						     CTRLALTDEL(8)

ctrlaltdel - set the function of the Ctrl-Alt-Del combination SYNOPSIS
ctrlaltdel hard|soft DESCRIPTION
Based on examination of the linux/kernel/sys.c code, it is clear that there are two supported functions that the Ctrl-Alt-Del sequence can perform: a hard reset, which immediately reboots the computer without calling sync(2) and without any other preparation; and a soft reset, which sends the SIGINT (interrupt) signal to the init process (this is always the process with PID 1). If this option is used, the init(8) program must support this feature. Since there are now several init(8) programs in the Linux community, please consult the documentation for the version that you are currently using. ctrlaltdel is usually used in the /etc/rc.local file. OPTIONS
-V, --version Output version information and exit. -h, --help Display help and exit. FILES
/etc/rc.local SEE ALSO
init(8) AUTHOR
Peter Orbaek <> AVAILABILITY
The ctrlaltdel command is part of the util-linux package and is available from Linux Kernel Archive < /util-linux/>. util-linux August 2011 CTRLALTDEL(8)