there was a strange character(^M) been added automatically in UNIX

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Old 11-28-2001
Question there was a strange character(^M) been added automatically in UNIX

I used Notepad to compile my txt file and then I transferred this file to UNIX. When I use vi to open the file, I found that at the end of each line there was a "^M" character.
In the original txt file there was not this character. Why this character would been added automatically in UNIX?
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Old 11-28-2001
the text file under unix is fifferent from m$ DOS,

if you use ftp to exchange text files between them, you should always use ascii model;
if you use mcopy u should always add the -t switch

or you may use this to trim the '^M' charater under unix if you already cp'ed the text file to unix:
tr -d "\015" < hello.c > hello.unix.c
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Old 11-28-2001
You could also do a global replace in vi. At the command prompt
(the Smilie, type


where ctrl-v means hold the control key while pressing the letter v. Then release them both and press the m key. The text at the command prompt should then look like


This will strip the ^M which is a linefeed in DOS/Windows. Next time you should do as jApHEth said and ftp in ASCII mode.
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Old 11-29-2001
In DOS ,the end of the line is indiacted by two characters to have compatability with type writer i.e enter ( new line feed) and carrige return (to bring the typewriter head to start position) but in unix only end of line is there with no carrige return so character
' ^ M ' gets appended at the end of line.
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Old 11-30-2001
You could use the dos2unix command to take the ^M characters out.

do something like this:

dos2unix file &gt; newfile

This will create a new file that is the same as your original file except without the ^M characters.
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