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Total Newbe,how do I start????

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Old 12-28-2001
Hi Chip

I think your problem would be solved by downloading the FREE (yupp, free) version of Solaris from in the software section I beleive. (It is compatible with a PC.) This would be the best solution to your problem. I'm rather suprised that no one has answered you about this earlier.... Well I guess they didn't know about this. If you have a slower form of connection however (yeah right... a company with a low connection. hahaha) then you can order the CDs that you will need for a modest amount.

I hope this little info has helped you on a little on the road to become a better admin. Or at least enlightened you in some way.

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GLOBUS-JOB-STATUS(1)						  GRAM5 Commands					      GLOBUS-JOB-STATUS(1)

globus-job-status - Check the status of a GRAM5 job SYNOPSIS
globus-job-status JOBID globus-job-status [-help] [-usage] [-version] [-versions] DESCRIPTION
The globus-job-status program checks the status of a GRAM job by sending a status request to the job manager contact for that job specifed by the JOBID parameter. If successful, it will print the job status to standard output. The states supported by globus-job-status are: PENDING The job has been submitted to the LRM but has not yet begun execution. ACTIVE The job has begun execution. FAILED The job has failed. SUSPENDED The job is currently suspended by the LRM. DONE The job has completed. UNSUBMITTED The job has been accepted by GRAM, but not yet submitted to the LRM. STAGE_IN The job has been accepted by GRAM and is currently staging files prior to being submitted to the LRM. STAGE_OUT The job has completed execution and is currently staging files from the service node to other http, GASS, or GridFTP servers. OPTIONS
The full set of options to globus-job-status are: -help, -usage Display a help message to standard error and exit. -version Display the software version of the globus-job-status program to standard output. -versions Display the software version of the globus-job-status program including DiRT information to standard output. ENVIRONMENT
If the following variables affect the execution of globus-job-status. X509_USER_PROXY Path to proxy credential. X509_CERT_DIR Path to trusted certificate directory. BUGS
The globus-job-status program can not distinguish between the case of the job manager terminating for any reason and the job being in the DONE state. SEE ALSO
globusrun(1) University of Chicago 03/18/2010 GLOBUS-JOB-STATUS(1)

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