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Old 11-26-2001
Hammer & Screwdriver how to implement diff

Hi Does someone know how Unix or Linux implement
'diff' command ? Any good reference or the
algorithm will be better ?

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Old 11-26-2001
Well, I assumed you read the man page...
man diff

...otherwise, read...

For example:



diff File1 File2

< 3col_1,3col_2,3col_3,3col_4,3col5
> 0col_1,3col_2,3col_3,3col_4,3col5
< 5col_1,5col_2,5col_3,5col_4,5col5
> 5col_1,0col_2,5col_3,5col_4,5col5

...lines starting with "<" belong to the first file (File1).
lines starting with ">" belong to the second file (File2).

Is there somthing specific you are trying to do with diff?
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Old 11-26-2001
Thank you so much.

Because currently we have two programmers working on one file. I am just wondering how to combine their work daily. And I know in CVS they use
'diff' to compare different version's file. Or maybe you have any good suggestions?

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Old 11-26-2001
Normally, CVS can be used to "check out for edit" source modules
and prevent (in an advisory manner) more than 1 person
from making changes to a single module at the same time.
This way, changes made by one person can safely be made
are are sure to be in the "check out for edit" by the next person.
If it is necessary to have more than one person working on
the same source module (and in some cases it is - but rarely)
you can utilize the CVS "merge" function to merge the changes
from both files into one. May I suggest your developers
familiarize themselves with the CVS docs... will benifit them greatly.
The CVS "diff" and UNIX "diff" are two different things.
I was describing the UNIX command diff(1).
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