how to make a boot disk

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Old 11-26-2001
how to make a boot disk

I need to know how to make a boot disk to get Solaris 7 to load on a intel machine.

I have checked out Sun.Com, but did not understand how to download and convert the files to a disk.

any help would be appericated


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Old 11-28-2001
The way I make boot disks is to just dd a kernel image onto a floppy disk. For example, if your kernel is /vmunix you might do something like:

dd if=/vmunix of=/dev/floppy

You need to change the example above to match your kernel image and your floppy device file.......

There are other ways..... the example above is just how I do it Smilie
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Old 12-06-2001
CPU & Memory boot disk simplest way


see the URL>drivers--->solaris driver download--->bootdiskettes--->solaris 7 intel platform 11/99
click there and it will ask to store it on local disk

then click on the link on the same page copy to floppy disk to know how to copy this downloaded bootable image to floppy..

it will ask to use dd.exe command to copy the downloaded file to floppy....d.exe also available on the same page..

and after copying it to the floppy you will get the bootable disk..

thanks and regards
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