pop3 service- howto?

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Old 11-25-2001
pop3 service- howto?

Hello ,

I have this RH6.2 box with sendmail8.9.3-20 (configured and running properly )
I have also (procmail3.14-2 , fetchmail5.3.1-1 ) installed but I don't know about them.
(( all installed as rpm packages))

okay ,,, here what I need:

I need to be able to use OUTLOOK or any other email client to receive/send mail remotely from the server by using POP3/SMTP. the server has multiple IPS with 2 domain names
( lets say www.mydomain.com and www.myotherdomain.com )
I need to create user accounts / passwords so I can have email addresses by each domain

I have created a user called test1 and I send a mail to test1@mydomain.com ,, the mail was stored in the user's inbox in sendmail but I tried to connect by OUTLOOK using the username and password ( and mail.mydomain,com OR mydomain.com OR pop.mydomain.com ,,,). but it failed ( server suddenly terminate the connection.) ( but it works fine with sending emails )

I have edited ( etc/inetd.conf ) to uncomment POP3 service and then restarted inetd. ( b4 this step outlook was giving me a ( couldn't connect to server ) but now it gives me the error ( connection was unexpectedly terminated by the server( POP3 server mydomain.com).

I tried telnet www.mydomain.com 110
it gives me a blank screen for a while , then back to my command line with C:>

How to get the servive up and set pop3 accounts? what shall I do ?

at the meantime I am using an email-forwarding for some addresses in mydomain.com to a free web-based email service Smilie

thanx in advanced .
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Old 11-26-2001
You need to install and configure POP3 server software. Search www.freshmeat.net for the word "pop" to find some potential matches. One choice might be GnuPOP: http://freshmeat.net/projects/gnupop3d/

Configuration instructions should be included.
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Old 11-26-2001
thank you PxT

Actully I searched that site b4 but maybe because I didnot know exactly what to look for .

I will try the software you recomended

Thanx alot and all the best wishes.
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Old 11-28-2001
Hello ,,

Smilie the problem has been solved Smilie although another one arised

this is how it was fixed ( if anyone needs it in the future )

I D/L imap4.xxxx from redhat as a RPM package ,, installed it and it works fine now with no problems as long as the the username and passwords are correct ( valid user )

anyway looking for it was kinda hard cause redhat's FTP was down ( and still ) and most of the mirrors has removed 6.2 appls

now, ,,, another quistion :
do I have to add a user+pass for every email I want or is there another way to do it ?

the pop I have installed is ipop3d

good luck and all the best wishes and thanx for the help
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