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Old 11-08-2001
Data AdvFS Filesets

I created an AdvFS fileset which consisted of 3 volumes. Well one of the disks has failed and I was wondering how I should handle this. I want to try to recover the data on the other two disks, but I'm not sure if this is even possible. Any suggestions?
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Old 11-08-2001
backups or mirroring


Please tell me that you had some kind of backup of the data. OR have you mirrored the disks or RAID 5 the disks?

If you haven't done one of these things, then you might be in trouble.

Smilie Smilie
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Old 11-08-2001

The last backup I did was about 1 1/2 weeks ago because I was out on vacation. I did not have it mirrored or RAID 5. I wanted to know if I could retrieve any of the info since the backup from the other two disks. It doesn't sound like it, but I thought I would try
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Old 11-08-2001
read below

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Old 11-08-2001

Well, it depends on how you configured the volumes on the disks.
Try to mount the filesystems that should be there and see if you get any errors. If you can mount them try to save off that data or copy it to another disk.

Does any of your data exist only on one of the disks that are left?

If you have any filesystems that only reside on one disk. then you should be able to retreive that data. Any data that was spread over to the failed disk will be unrecoverable.

What OS are you running? What type of backup product are you using?

If you can't retrieve some data from the two remaining disks, you may have to go back to 2 weeks ago to your last backup and try to come forward to today some other way.

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