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Old 01-25-2001

I need some suggestion on which OS I should use if I only want to setup a router and firewall for my home network, and a print server for my HP Deskjet 682C. I have a 486/66MHz with 320 Meg HD with a modem and network card ready to go. I plan to have this box connected to my ISP all the time via the modem PPP. Also, my other 3 computers will be connected to the box via a 100-mbit hub. I need to set it up so that all computer will have internet access, and all can print documents.

So far in my research, I have found that Linux seems to be the way to go. My 486 is currently running the GNAT Box firewall program, but it doesn't support printing service (

But any other suggestion is welcome and appreciated.

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Old 01-25-2001
The new <A HREF="">linux 2.4.0</A> has greatly improved firewalling over previous versions. You will need the <A HREF="">iptables package</A> to set up the firewall rules. You can also easily share printers with your Windows machines via <A HREF="">Samba</A>
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