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Old 11-01-2001
Data ftp log


I have been trying to write a script to maintain mu ftp log as to what time did the FTP start and till what time did it work

I was unable to do it after several attempts, may be b'cos i'am new to Shell scripting.

So can anyone provide me any solutions for this problem, as it would be really helpful


I'am working on linux and aix, and more over I really don't avenaything as a script. will any be able to help ne out


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Old 11-01-2001

It would help if you posted more details...

1. OS type (Linux, AIX, HP-UX, etc)
2. Shell "language" (KSH, CSH, BASH, etc)

Be as detailed as you can describing your requirements.
Also, if you can post your script or at least the portions of
it that you are having troubles with. This way, you can get
very specific responses from me and others. Smilie
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