how many disks do I have?

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Old 11-01-2001

df doesnt show me the physical disks, it shows me the logical volumes
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Old 11-01-2001
"format" will show all physical disks with sun. "prtconf" is also useful on suns. And "ioscan" or "sam" will do it on hp.

I'm gonna take a crack at describing controllers and targets...

Every disk and tape that you have will be connected to the computer by a cable. Data will go back and forth through that cable. The cable connects to a card in the computer. That card is the controller. Each card gets a number. So that is the controller number that people are talking about.

If you trace the cable from the card to the disk drive, you may find another cable the goes to a 2nd disk drive. Each disk drive will have two places to plug in a cable. The last disk drive should have a terminator instead of a cable on the 2nd connector. The i/o card in the computer and all the drives attached to it until that terminator is a "chain". Each drive on a chain will have an address set in some switches or a dial. And each drive on the chain better have a unique address. This address is that target number. So the disk with the target set to 2 on the first i/o card (controller 0) will be c0t2d0.

That last number will be 0 unless you have a disk array rather than a disk drive.

You can't just count the special files in /dev/dsk. If you unhook a disk drive and throw it away, the special files won't go away with most versions of unix. You can always use mknod to create a new special file. But if you do, a disk drive will not magically appear.
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