Get telnetd to start a process other than login

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Old 10-30-2001
Network Get telnetd to start a process other than login

I want to be able to get telnetd to start a program of my choice or one that I have written . . . or . . . write a daemon of my own to listen on a port other than 23 and when a connection arrives it should create a controlling tty/pty and then launch my program on the client side of the pty.

A client wants to be able to "telnet" to my box and have perl scripts and shell scripts do the authentication, not the unix login process.

OS is HP-UX 10.20 or 11
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Old 10-30-2001
Might consider looking at the man page for getty and gettydefs for starters. Also, the man pages for login and login.defs may be helpful as well.
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Old 10-30-2001

getty and getty.defs deal only with serially connected terminals. login and login.defs is what I would like to replace, so I didn't see anything intersting in there either.
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