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Old 01-20-2001

I would like to have the commands or a scripts that will show me files that are not open by any process and meet a certain pattern (ie arch.log1_117512.dbf).

Basically I a wanting to delete all arched redo logs that oracle has popped out execpt for the current one it is writting to. I am assuming that the ones it is done writting to are not opened by any process.

I have searched through my books and I can not find anything telling me how to determine if a file is open and who has it open.

A breif explanation of any commands given would be greatly appreciated.

Harry Britton
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Old 01-21-2001
Try fstat(2) system call

You may be able to write a C program around the <B>fstat</B> system call to do the trick:

STAT(2) System calls STAT(2)

stat, fstat, lstat - get file status

#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <unistd.h>

int stat(const char *file_name, struct stat *buf);
int fstat(int filedes, struct stat *buf);
int lstat(const char *file_name, struct stat *buf);

These functions return information about the specified file. You do not need any access rights to the file to get this information but you need search rights to all directories named in the path leading to the file.
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Old 01-22-2001
The fuser command can be used to determine if there is any process using a specified file. It is available on HP-UX, Solaris, and Linux at least...probably others too.
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Old 01-22-2001
You could also execute an ls -lu to see when the file was last touched. To do this for an entire directory /var/adm, exectute;
for i in /var/adm
do ls -lu $i

Or, to delete any files older than x days, use;
find /var/adm -ctime +x -exec rm -f {} \;
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