form where can i get unix?

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Old 10-18-2001
form where can i get unix?

I want to get unix
where can i get the full version?
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Old 10-20-2001
well it all depends on what you want to do.. there are a bunch of differner versions of unix.
freeBSD, HP-UX, linux, take your pick... if you ar e new to unix and using windows.
this is a korn shell that you can install in windows... a good step to learning UNIX.. It has most of the man pages.

u can get mandrake 8.1 (if you dont mind downloading and burning the 3 ISO's)
3 ISO's

you can use mandrake in its own enviroment or in windows.
mandrake is an easy linux OS.

i started with HP-UX... and i wish i had started with Uwin.

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