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Old 10-18-2001

Hi everybody,

I have a Solaris 220 Entrprise SunMicrosystems UNIX box.
I would like to know if my availability to connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse is limited?

Can I connect whatever 'make' or it has to be a Sun one ??

Thanks very much
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Old 10-18-2001
well usually sun video cards are prapriotary equip. so you need a sun monitor. as the pin outs are diffearnt. you could check NTI and see if they have a converter to use a regular monitor.
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Old 10-18-2001
Does anyone knows ehat is the RSC port? Is that the network card port ??

Anything to do with the monitor?

Thank you
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Old 10-19-2001
Back yo our question then

Does anyone knows ehat is the RSC port? Is that the network card port ??

Thanks in advance

Aris ;+)
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Old 10-19-2001
A quick search at <a href=""><b><u>Google</u></b></a> pulled up a page at that explained RSC like this:

<i>Remote System Control (RSC) Card:
A standard Remote System Control (RSC) card is installed in every system. The RSC card supports internal host environmental monitoring; host power-on and power-off from the firmware level; remote (or local) automatic notification via email or pager for hardware and software failures; and viewing of server boot logs and run-time logs. Multiple simultaneous remote access connections to the RSC card on each host are configurable over its modem or the card's 10-Mbps standard Twisted Pair Ethernet (TPE) connection using the telnet or the Point-to-Point Protocols (PPP).</i>

Heck, it even had a drawing of the card...
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