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Old 10-14-2001
Question Man command

I know what the man command does and I know how to use it, but i am trying to find an answer to a question. When you run man on an other command it will give you the first page on your screen and then you hit the space bar and it brings up the second page. What command option would I use if I wanted to have the whole thing scroll down with no prompts.

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Old 10-15-2001
Pager, not


You have hit upon one of the neat parts of unix, the use of your environment variables to do things that make life easier, without you knowing. The reason man paginates your man pages is because your variable for PAGER is set. You can unset this, and the pages will FLY by you. You could also set it to whatever you like as a pager (pg, more, less, etc.), then it will use that program to paginate whatever you use as a command that has output that reads the PAGER var and paginates output.

I know this isn't exactly what you wanted, but there it is...

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Old 10-15-2001

Ill give this a shot and see if I can reset it.
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Old 10-15-2001

Do you know how I would do this I have run unset pager and does not seem to make a differnence.
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Old 10-15-2001

The easy way is to set pager to nothing, at least that has worked for me in the past...

export PAGER=

and it may spit back that that is invalid, if so, I'll look at my box tonight and see what else I have for options for you...

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Old 10-16-2001
You can also just do...

man whatever | cat redirecting stdout, it will not try to format and page
to your terminal. Piping to cat will spit it out on your terminal.

I'm not sure why you want this though... Smilie
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