Restring the SCO on new hard disk

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Old 01-19-2001

Hi friends,

I 'm using sco open server on P-100. The back up is on boot-root floppy and data cartridge only.

Usually we can restore the things easyly by cpio. But for one new hard disk which was used for windows -98, the installation is a problem. It seems everything to be installed but while booting it shows - starting windows 98. I have formatted the hdd thru CMOS. But still the problem is there.

Pl. help me out.

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Old 01-20-2001
CPU & Memory

The problem was with the boot sector of hard-disk where in the win-98 boot strapping was loaded and unix boot-root floppy could not remove it. I have removed the OS info using dos- mbr utility so the problem sorted out.


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