Problem with N/W card in solaris

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Old 10-10-2001
Java Problem with N/W card in solaris

hi all

We went to analyze a intel based server installed with Solaris 8 .previuosly on that machine Rhat 7.1 was loaded and working fine in the N/W. After we loaded Solaris 8 it got automatically rebooted when it comes to the Gui mode.The same happened thirce and we opted out to load without network support then the process went down smoothly .Then we configured the machine once again in the N/W but the same thing is still continuing i.e restarting everytime if a telnet session is opened or automatically after sometime.We came to know that it has taken the N/W card driver as Intel pro 100/B but the N/W card in our machine is Pro 100+ . we tried for the drivers on both intel and sun site.Can anybody help us in this problem ??we want to confirm is it the problem due to the Driver only ??

Thanks for help

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Old 10-10-2001
1) check the hal on suns site
2) hook up a console to it and use that.
3) if it is on the list then reinstall the network card.
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Old 10-11-2001
hi optimus

thks for suggestions .. is it behaving due to the mismatch in the driver or due to any other reason??..

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Old 10-11-2001
well first if the device is not supported it will cause errors.
2. if it is not the correct driver it will cause errors.

also is it shuting down cleanly? or is it crashing the box?

i had a problem when one of the ups config files got messed up w/ the shutdown timer. so every 10 mins it would shut down cleanly.
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Old 10-19-2001
hi optimus

its shutting down properly without any issues its not crashing too

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Old 10-19-2001
Remove the n/w card and do EVERYTHING from the beggining including the 'ifconfig...............' If after that does work there is a hardware/driver incompatibility.
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