Want to create new users without using "useradd" command and user Interaction.

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Old 10-06-2001
Want to create new users without using "useradd" command and user Interaction.

Don't want to use useradd command to create a new user
I am doing manual addition of accounts. Actually I am writing a script and I am working on RedHat7.1 system. What I am trying to do is run the script and pass all the values of the username password and group as command line parameters. Now what I am trying to do is after passing the initial password I want the account to be activated with that password. Because if you simply edit the passwd file and add the username, password and other information when you test the account it does not recognize the account and then as a root user you have to go and enter the password again and then it gets written to the shadow file in encrypted form(even if you use command "pwconv" does not write the password to the shadow file in the encrypted form). Plus I can't leave the acconts open either. To create 500 account or more It will take me a long time to create those accounts. I just want to automate those password writing to the shadow file without having to go through this command
passwd "username"
enter new password in Unix ******
So, if anyone knows how can I do this through the script please let me know.

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Old 10-08-2001
use the useradd program as it was intended to do. the only problem your haveing is adding in a default password.

man passwd there should be a switch to set the password to blank & prompt the user to enter in a password @ first login.


use useradd to add the users.

then edit the new entries in the shadow file w/ a default password salt.
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Old 10-09-2001
useradd does have the ability to set a default password. This from the manpage:
-p passwd
     The  encrypted  password, as returned by crypt(3).
     The default is to disable the account.

So, if you can set up one user, add a password via the passwd command, copy and paste the password to useradd, you should be set. Example:

# useradd ashley
# passwd ashley
New password: qwerty
Re-enter new password: qwerty
Password changed.
# grep ^ashley /etc/shadow
# useradd -p'$1$/weovkcV$0h0RiE8lfc/qpBa60cV1p/' newashley

Of course, this is a rudimentry example, with a weak password and default options... you would definitely want the user to have to change the password upon logging in for the first time... Also, as a note, this example would be using md5 passwords. This may not be compatible with your setup.
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