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Old 10-03-2001
CPU & Memory HPUX mounting problems

Hi all

We are using two HPUX servers one C-class and one K-class....

But only one of this server has tape drive......and to back up the filesystem in the othe server i need to mount the file systems on the server having tape device....But i don't know how to mount the file system of one server on an another server..

Please help me regarding this..

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Old 10-03-2001
Well, you got some options

And there are more than I have space for here, but your usual suspects are:

NFS mounts and shares

SMB, this is not something I've done much of...

"r" services, rcp, etc.

scp, the secure answer to the above...

I'll cover the NFS stuff quick, a "man -k nfs" will help here as well...
First, you have to share the areas you want to mount. You have to have RPC running to do this (usually on by default), then you have to export the filesystems. You can do this in a number of ways, I think that Hp uses "exportfs" as the way to do this, read the man page on it, it is a little confusing, but similar toa "mount" command.

Now, you have to mount this as an NFS vol from the other system. This is much easier, usually you just do a
mount -F nfs -o (options here) host:/file/system/name

NFS has some strange things, and it depends on RPC and the share being registered with the RPCBIND deal and you can lose mounts and have stale filehandles on the box mounting the share, etc. If you are just going to mount for the short period of time that you do the backup, then this may be ok, but if you want to leave these mounted constantly, I would look to something that can better discern who is mounting the filesystems (you can make the share specific to a host, but I believe that this is checked via ip, and is not trustworthy).

You could use rcp, but that entails opening the port and using RPC to auth your rcp-ing processes, this is an open hole on a system. I would suggest against this.

You could use scp to cp teh data over to the tape box and then tape and delete. This has encryption end to end, and is also verified via keys held on the boxes. It can be broken but is much less likely to be.

Now, if you are not connected to the outside world, and you really don't mind security, any of these will work, but I would suggest looking for a secure solution to send data over the wire, woth checksums, if possible, if you are exposed at all to a network that "could" be dirty.

HTH some,

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