Restricting File List while doing ls

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Old 03-12-2014
Restricting File List while doing ls

Is there any best way to restrict some of the listed files when you do ls. In the output i am doing grep -v wanted to see if i can use a better command to get this output.

[]> ls -lrt wf_Load_25.log.INSTANCE_21_20072.*
-rw-r--r-- 1 infrmtca infrmtca 19373 Mar 12 14:14 wf_Load_25.log.INSTANCE_21_20072.1144.20140312141429.bin
-rw-r--r-- 1 infrmtca infrmtca 14149 Mar 12 14:14 wf_Load_25.log.INSTANCE_21_20072.1144.20140312141429

[]> ls wf_Load_25.log.INSTANCE_21_20072.* | grep -v bin

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Old 03-12-2014
ls -lrt wf_Load_25.log.INSTANCE_21_20072*[!bin]

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