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Old 10-03-2001
By the way, how fast does this run on large files?.. Do you have any to test it against?.....

Does anyone who knows regular expressions know a more efficient way of writing this regexp?.... I am certainly no expert with them, but this would seem to be a very handy thing to have (maybe even a cantidate for a faq or something?...)...

- dEvNuL
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Old 10-04-2001
dEvNuL, I have to give you credit for doing research. Thanks again.

I would mention one thing I found out about having the regexp all in one file -- the order is very important. I have to work with the longest numbers first to strike those out and then work with the second longest, etc. If I start out with 13 digits, part of the 19 or 16 digits gets strucked first (*) which means that the 16 digits/19 digit pattern search no longer finds a match... :-(

I ran this against a page of credit card number and it was instanteous. I don't think it will take long to process even 50 pages...

PS dEvNuL will be rightfully credited in my batch jobs.
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Old 10-04-2001
Yes, you are right.. THe order is important.. I should have mentioned that... Glad to hear it is working quickly for you.. ;>

- dEvNuL
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