[Solved] Replace first two set of space(s) with tab

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Old 02-26-2014
[Solved] Replace first two set of space(s) with tab

My data is jumbled up in the following way. I want to replace only the first two occurrences of space sets (may be a single space also) in every line with a single tab, please help. I want to be able to import the tab delimited columns into excel.


a b c    d    e f g h i    line1
j k  l    m    n o p q r s t    line2

desired output
a    b    c    d    e f g h i    line1
j    k    l    m    n o p q r s t    line2

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Old 02-26-2014
sed -e 's/  */\t/1;s/  */\t/1' myFile

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