Ssh tar file using slave node

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Old 01-22-2014
Ssh tar file using slave node


I wanted to zip some files (very large files) on our cluster (centOS). I am told that I should use the head node for this as it would tie down the CPU. How can I do this using one of the other nodes in the cluster?

For small files, I would just log into the cluster using ssh (ie. ssh myname AT ourCluster DOT x DOT y DOT z) and run the tar from command line. But this would be using the head node.

How do I do the same operations, but use a node other than the head node?

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Old 01-22-2014
Usually a cluster is a group of machines that act as one, so if you log in, your work will be running on a slave node most of the time. The host wherethe files are mounted local disks makes the most sense, else anywhere they are mounted. Use compression and there will be much more CPU but much less writing, size. Tars normally have relative file names, relative to a common head of tree dir.
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