Hex dump into Wireshark or similiar

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Old 12-24-2013
Hex dump into Wireshark or similiar

Hi Guy's I am trying to find a way of importing the raw hex data from a router dump into a wireshark trace for example. I have had a look at the text2pcap pages and cant seem to work it out.

Does anyone have any expierence in this ? If it requires format changes whats the best way of doing this script wise ?

I have included a PDU Hex dump below,

0x0000  30ff 018c 83ad 009e 4548 018c 235b 0000 0.......EH..#[..
0x0010  f411 bea4 d534 8afa 0a10 78da 01f4 d718 .....4....x.....
0x0020  0178 57ae 45e3 363b 406b 2969 0b44 2317 .xW.E.6;@k)i.D#.
0x0030  7957 d3f8 0110 0400 0000 0000 0000 0170 yW.............p
0x0040  0400 0038 0000 0001 0000 0001 0000 002c ...8...........,
0x0050  0101 0001 0000 0024 0a01 0000 8001 0005 .......$........
0x0060  8002 0001 8004 0002 8003 fde9 800b 0001 ................
0x0070  000c 0004 0020 c49b 0a00 0084 3770 d1fa ............7p..
0x0080  8b41 d1cd 4a5f fff3 b564 7d27 d84c 3845 .A..J_...d}'.L8E
0x0090  8858 57b4 5b90 a0d1 6bc3 22e1 7f69 23f6 .XW.[...k."..i#.
0x00a0  9620 11a4 f406 6672 ad07 3d32 ca60 129a ......fr..=2.`..
0x00b0  a2de 4209 8d36 934c e84b c2da 0e7f 79b3 ..B..6.L.K....y.
0x00c0  d1db 3cee 1509 e1cb 46d8 f350 acdc 40ec ..<.....F..P..@.
0x00d0  0a7e b655 09f5 0cce 7aa9 70df e470 5b8a .~.U....z.p..p[.
0x00e0  cb75 72ca 1c51 fda1 d2a5 cc2b 8d58 ee07 .ur..Q.....+.X..
0x00f0  74de 0490 d05f fa03 a975 5c21 0500 0018 t...._...u\!....
0x0100  4f19 116e 41a7 2848 fe9a 8964 e281 d47c O..nA.(H...d...|
0x0110  805a 15e8 0800 000c 0111 01f4 d534 8afa .Z...........4..
0x0120  0d00 0014 e4da e267 8a5d cc43 82ab 9fd2 .......g.].C....
0x0130  98a0 8d1b 0d00 0014 12f5 f28c 4571 68a9 ............Eqh.
0x0140  702d 9fe2 74cc 0100 0d00 000c 0900 2689 p-..t.........&.
0x0150  dfd6 b712 0d00 0014 afca d713 68a1 f1c9 ............h...
0x0160  6b86 96fc 7757 0100 0d00 0018 4048 b7d5 k...wW......@H..
0x0170  6ebc e885 25e7 de7f 00d6 c2d3 c000 0000 n...%...........
0x0180  0000 0014 1f07 f70e aa65 14d3 b0fa 9654 .........e.....T
0x0190  2a50 0100                               *P..

Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas to you all.
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Old 12-27-2013
Personally, I'd rather do it in C.

These guys had a lot of fun with this: [bash] ASCII to HEX and hex to ascii

I found printf ways to unpack ascii to hex and decimal to hex, and 'echo -e' can do hex to ascii:
$ printf '%x\n' '?'
$ printf '%x\n' 32  
$ echo -e "\x3f"'

This xxd command does both: Man Page for xxd (linux Section 1) - The UNIX and Linux Forums

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Old 12-27-2013

Thanks DGpickett, would you mind explaining more please as this is new to me.

Thanks again.
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Old 12-30-2013
To get specific, one needs to know the layout of the dumped router data. Then you need to isolate the hex columns, perhaps putting them into an array. Now, you can fetch them out of the array and convert them to your target form, like dotted decimal for IP addresses.
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