Deleting a file with no corresponding pair

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Old 11-11-2013
Deleting a file with no corresponding pair

Hi, I am working with 2 sets of files (*csv and *asc) and I wanted to delete asc file with no corresponding csv counterpart. I did tried it manually but its been difficult working with a longer list of files.

sample files in directory
20120601.csv 20120601_f1.asc
20120603.csv 20120602_f1.asc

desired output
delete 20120602_f1.asc because it has no 20120602.csv file

Thank you very much.
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Old 11-11-2013
We loop across the *.asc files, and figure out what the csv would be by stripping everything after the "_" and tacking .csv to the end... right?

Try this:

for asc in *.asc; do
  [ -e "$csv" ] || rm -i "$asc"

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Old 11-11-2013
Hi neuronscott, thank you for this time saver code. its just what I needed,Smilie

If its ok, I would like to know, whats this part of the command does?
[ -e "$csv" ]

Thanks again.
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Old 11-11-2013
the condition is true if the specified file in variable exist...
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