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Old 11-10-2013
Linux Unable to list folder contents

I'm unable to list the contents of a directory once I move into it. I have full permissions on this directory (called "Scripts" in the below example). The scenario is shown below in detail:

Command 'ls' works fine to begin with:

1: pmn@linuxhost /home/pmn > cd /opt/smt/proiv
2: pmn@linuxhost /opt/smt/proiv > ls -ld scripts/
drwxrwxrwx 24 smt smt 69632 Nov 11 10:58 scripts/
3: pmn@linuxhost /opt/smt/proiv >

3: pmn@linuxhost /opt/smt/proiv > ls scripts | wc -l
4: pmn@linuxhost /opt/smt/proiv >

4: pmn@linuxhost /opt/smt/proiv > ls scripts/
-ef                                       btfg2rbc.sh.back                menu_utilities                         QA_FAS
ALL                                       btfg_file.bkup                  menus                                  QA_RFS
CDIFF                                     btfg_file.sh                    audit.sh                               RACPOC_RFS
5: pmn@linuxhost /opt/smt/proiv >

Once I move into the "scripts" directory, the ls command is not able to list anything, anywhere! This is shown below...

Command 'ls' unable to display anything:

6: pmn@linuxhost /opt/smt/proiv > cd scripts/
7: pmn@linuxhost /opt/smt/proiv/scripts > ls -ld
8: pmn@linuxhost /opt/smt/proiv/scripts > ls -lart
9: pmn@linuxhost /opt/smt/proiv/scripts > ls
10: pmn@linuxhost /opt/smt/proiv/scripts > ls | wc -l
11: pmn@linuxhost /opt/smt/proiv/scripts >
11: pmn@linuxhost /opt/smt/proiv/scripts > ls -lart /tmp | wc -l
12: pmn@linuxhost /opt/smt/proiv/scripts > ls -lart / | wc -l
13: pmn@linuxhost /opt/smt/proiv/scripts >

However, when I move into another directory (which is either a sub-directory of "Scripts" or outside), the ls command starts working.

Command 'ls' works fine here on:

 1. From directory "menus" that is a sub-directory of "Scripts": 

13: pmn@linuxhost /opt/smt/proiv/scripts > cd menus/
14: pmn@linuxhost /opt/smt/proiv/scripts/menus > ls  | wc -l
15: pmn@linuxhost /opt/smt/proiv/scripts/menus > ls
accounts_sqlplus.menu       dev_mlm.menu                   main.menu          reg_main.menu         sqlplus.menu                 
16: pmn@linuxhost /opt/smt/proiv/scripts/menus >

16: pmn@linuxhost /opt/smt/proiv/scripts/menus > ls -lart /tmp | wc -l
17: pmn@linuxhost /opt/smt/proiv/scripts/menus >

17: pmn@linuxhost /opt/smt/proiv/scripts/menus > ls -lart / | wc -l
18: pmn@linuxhost /opt/smt/proiv/scripts/menus >

 2. From my home directory which is outside of "Scripts": 

From my home directory which is outside of "Scripts":
19: pmn@linuxhost /home/pmn > ls -lart /tmp | wc -l
20: pmn@linuxhost /home/pmn > ls
screen_test.sh  test1
21: pmn@linuxhost /home/pmn >

21: pmn@linuxhost /home/pmn > id -a
uid=4471(pmn) gid=1000(ccusers) groups=351(fsdev),381(epdev),610(devl),1000(ccusers)
22: pmn@linuxhost /home/pmn >

I'm not the owner of Scripts, nor am I in the "smt" group - however, the folder permissions on "Scripts" indicate full access to anyone. Despite this, ls doesnt work - which I'm unable to explain. Does anyone know the answer to this?
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Old 11-11-2013
Can you show me your PATH content?
my 2 cents:
You could imagine having: PATH=.:$PATH
if now in /opt/smt/proiv/scripts you would have a script with perms 755 called ls with content: echo
What would you thing you would see when you go in that directory and type?
ls -al
ls -lrt

(my env is for ksh, please adapt to your shell...
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Old 11-12-2013

Brilliant! That was exactly the reason! My path variable did have a "." in it before the system bin folders, thus pulling in a local (empty) file from the Scripts folder called 'ls'!

Thanks, vbe.

4: pmn@linuxhost  /home/pmn > echo $PATH
5: pmn@linuxhost  /home/pmn >

5: pmn@linuxhost  /home/pmn > cd /opt/smt/proiv/scripts/
6: pmn@linuxhost  /opt/smt/proiv/scripts > which ls
alias ls='ls --color=tty'
7: pmn@linuxhost  /opt/smt/proiv/scripts > /bin/ls -lart | wc -l
8: pmn@linuxhost  /opt/smt/proiv/scripts >

8: pmn@linuxhost  /opt/smt/proiv/scripts > /bin/ls -lart ls
-rwxrwxrwx 1 smt smt 0 Apr 21  2009 ls
9: pmn@linuxhost  /opt/smt/proiv/scripts >

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Old 11-12-2013
Your welcome! Smilie
Youve learned now why you should avoid dot in PATH for root... ( or if really necessary, be at the end...), otherwise you could very well be a victime of spoofing...
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Old 11-12-2013

I agree.
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